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Stitch Your Passion: Explore a Tapestry of Patches in Our Curated Styles!

Custom Iron On Patches

Discover a diverse selection of personalized iron-on patches at Patches Studio, including options such as military and soccer patches. Contact us today to initiate your custom patch order.

Air Force Patches

Celebrate your Air Force pride with our distinctive, tailor-made Air Force patches. Whether for enlisted members, commemorations, or special gifts, our patches are crafted to the highest quality standards.

Army Patches 

Create unique Army patches that showcase your division, brigade, rank, or assigned missions. Ideal for uniforms, hats, bags, and more, our custom Army patches are a perfect representation of your identity.

Aviation Patches 

Express your passion for aviation with our unique patches, ranging from wearable embroidered patches to display pieces. Our creations are both visually striking and memorable. 

Band Patches 

Demonstrate your love for music by supporting your favorite genre or creating personalized patches for your own band.

Baseball Patches 

Whether it’s cheering for your favorite team or representing your own baseball team, our custom baseball patches are the perfect way to show your enthusiasm. 

Biker Patches 

Craft your own custom biker patches with a wide array of thread and twill colors. Personalize them with your group’s name, mascot, motto, or special commemorations.

Brewery Patches 

Showcase pride in your brewery with creative, artful patches that not only reflect your company but also allow your customers to display their support in a unique way. 

EMS Patches 

As an EMS member, your iron-on patch is a crucial part of your uniform. Let us help you design a patch that not only represents you but also reflects the importance of your role.

Flag Patches 

Celebrate heritage, support a country, or add a unique touch to your clothing with our custom flag patches. We’ll work with you to create the perfect design. 

Hipster Patches 

Express your unique hipster personality with custom patches showcasing your favorite hobbies, movies, musical artists, trends, and more.

Logo Patches 

Patches Studio is a leading manufacturer of custom logo patches, catering to a diverse range of clients from local organizations to international corporations. 

Marines Patches 

Bold and long-lasting, our Marines patches are crafted from the finest materials. Perfect for displaying your name, division, platoon, battalion, or country.

Martial Arts Patches 

Honor and celebrate any form of martial art with our custom patches. Choose the shape, size, colors, and backing that suit your preferences. 

Military Patches 

Essential for any military uniform, our custom patches cover ranks, outfits, events, remembrances, and more for all branches of the service.

Motorcycle Patches 

Declare your love for motorcycles with bold, embroidered patches. Whether individual or club patches, wear them proudly or share them with fellow enthusiasts. 

Navy Patches 

Crafted with pride, our Navy patches are designed for enlisted members, veterans, and friends or family. Expect bold, beautiful, and durable patches.

Music Patches 

Support your marching band, rock band, glee club, or favorite musical instrument with a custom music patch. 

Police Patches 

Create a detailed, long-lasting police patch that is an important part of any officer’s uniform. Choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.

School Patches 

Display your school spirit with custom iron-on patches showcasing your mascot, school name, club, sport, and more. 

Scout Patches 

Celebrate every achievement with our custom Scout patches, designed for challenges, events, and more.

Security Guard Patches 

Craft a bold, detailed patch for your uniform, whether you’re a security guard for a school, event, bar, shopping center, or other establishment. 

Soccer Patches 

Among our most popular, our custom soccer patches unite team members at local, scholastic, collegiate, or professional levels.

Sports Patches 

Unite your team, commemorate a player, or remember a moment with our sports patches, perfect for soccer, baseball, football, and more. 

Wedding Patches 

Celebrate your wedding uniquely with custom wedding patches from Patches Studio, ensuring a premium and lasting memento.

College Patches 

Whether for schools, organizations, professors, students, alumni, sports teams, or clubs, Patches Studio creates versatile and high-quality college patches. 

Memorial Patches 

Commemorate important people, places, or moments with custom memorial patches, meticulously crafted by the experts at Patches Studio.


Fishing Patches 

Embrace the tradition of fishing with custom patches for annual trips, tournaments, instruction schools, big catches, and more. 

Youth Group Patches 

Celebrate the vibrancy of youth groups with high-quality custom patches that showcase the essence and individuals involved.

Camping Patches 

Commemorate your camping adventures with custom patches for backpacks, hats, vests, blankets, duffel bags, campground banners, and more.


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