About Us

Our History

Established in the year 2000, Patches Studio has been a leading creator of top-notch custom patches for apparel and various materials. We initially crafted a soccer patch for a friend’s organization, the overwhelming success led to the inception of Patches Studio in Villanova, Pennsylvania. While initially specializing in classic embroidered patches, the increasing demand from customers prompted our expansion into offering diverse options like woven patches and bullion crests. This growth spurred our move to Wayne, Pennsylvania, where we continue our operations today.

Currently, Patches Studio is proud of all its success and stands as a wholly female-owned business. Our repertoire includes crafting custom embroidered patches, woven patches, blank patches, and dye sublimated (photo or print) patches for clothing. Additionally, we excel in creating intricately hand-embroidered bullion crests.

Pillars Of Our Purpose

At Patches Studio, our guiding principle is encapsulated in our motto: “Any patch for any purpose.” We specialize in tailoring custom patches for diverse occasions and clientele, spanning Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, charities, civic groups, and individuals alike. Regardless of the purpose behind your patch, we are dedicated to helping you bring your vision to life. Passion drives our work.

Results-Driven Focus

At the heart of Patches Studio is a commitment to delivering the highest quality patches to our customers. We not only provide a wide array of patches but also assist our customers in choosing the most fitting option for their unique designs. Recognizing that certain designs are best suited for specific patch types, we strive to ensure that your patch looks exceptional. Simply complete a free quote form, attach your artwork, or reach out to us directly. We are more than willing to offer guidance on how to make your patch truly stand out. Your satisfaction is our priority.