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Discover a new level of style ease with our Custom Iron On Patches, where the application process is as simple as it gets. Ideal for those seeking a hassle-free way to showcase their patches, our specially designed heat-activated backing ensures that all you need is a household iron (or, for optimal results, a heat press is recommended). These versatile patches, available in nearly any shape or size, cater to a range of purposes, from Scout uniforms and sports attire to displaying business logos or mending clothing with a touch of personalized flair.

Versatility In Design, Effort In Application

Tailored to work best on fabrics like denim, cotton, and polyester blends, our custom iron on patches provide a multitude of options. Offering traditional embroidered patches, woven patches, dyed patches, and even unique combination patches, we empower you to express your creativity fully. Unsure about the most suitable patch type for your needs? Our design experts are readily available to provide personalized guidance, ensuring you make the perfect choice.

Sample The Excellence

At Patches Studio, our commitment to quality shines through in every custom iron on patch we produce. Crafted using only the finest materials, these patches offer a canvas of creative potential. With an extensive palette of thread and twill colors at your disposal, you have the freedom to design patches that are as colorful and imaginative as you desire. The ability to select any size and shape adds an extra layer of uniqueness, and rest assured, your iron on patches will stand the test of time. Machine washable and built to endure, they are the ideal addition to your clothing.

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Why Opt For An Patches Studio?

Embark on a journey of designing your own custom iron on patches with Patches Studio, where the process is fast, easy, and reliable. Beyond the convenience of a free quote, our commitment extends to offering free U.S. shipping on all orders and ensuring a swift turnaround. As our motto suggests, we believe in helping our customers create “any patch for any purpose,” catering to a diverse range of clients from independent artists on Etsy to Fortune 500 companies. Transforming your artwork into tangible, high-quality patches is our passion.

Perks That Speak Volumes

The advantages of choosing Patches Studio go beyond the creation of custom iron on patches. Enjoy a seamless experience that includes a free quote, premium quality assurance, complimentary US shipping, a free sample for your approval, and a fast turnaround to get your custom patches into your hands promptly. With customizable shapes and sizes, the possibilities for expressing your style are virtually endless.

Shape Your Style With Customization

Personalize your iron on patches by choosing from various styles, including embroidered, woven, dye sublimation, or any other offering that suits your preferences. Our patches are meticulously crafted with different thread options, ensuring an exact color match to bring your design to life.

Unlock The Magic Of Iron-On Backings

Embark on a journey of style and simplicity with our Custom Iron On Patches, shipped free throughout the US. The secret lies in our innovative heat seal backings, effortlessly applying to various garments. These heat seals redefine ease, requiring only a household iron or a heat press machine for application. Crafted with the highest quality glue, our custom iron on patches ensure durability, allowing them to withstand washing, wearing, and even dry cleaning without the risk of loosening.

Pressing Perfection With A Heat Press

1- Set the heat press machine between 360 and 370 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2- Apply your patch in the desired location, covering it with a sheet of wax paper. 

3- Utilize a 40 PSI foam beneath your garment, applying pressure for approximately 18 seconds. 

4- Let your design cool before reveling in your freshly ironed patches!

Ironing Artistry With A Household Iron

1- Set your iron to its hottest setting. 

2- Lay your garment flat on the ironing board, ensuring a wrinkle-free surface. For denim jackets, flatten the material for a smoother application. 

3- Place a piece of cloth on top of your clothing to prevent any burns. 

4- Preheat the desired application area with the iron for around 10 seconds. 

5- Position your iron on a patch, cover it with a cloth, and firmly apply pressure for at least 60 seconds.

6- Repeat the ironing process to ensure the glue adheres thoroughly. 

7- Mirror the process on the other side of the garment, using cloth protection to prevent damage.

8- Allow the glue and fabric to cool and set before relishing your unique custom iron on patches!

Simplified Steps For Your Custom Iron On Patches

Embark on the path to effortless customization with our simplified order process, eliminating technical complexities. Submit your design for review and modification assistance, ensuring your custom iron on patches meet your expectations seamlessly.

Step 1: Request a Free Quote – Your Journey Begins Here 

Initiate the process by completing our free quote request form. Provide details such as the quantity, desired size, and your design specifications. 

Step 2: Confirmation – Your Design, Your Rules 

Following a thorough review of your provided details, expect a written confirmation of your order. Payment information and billing details will be requested, with orders under $1,000 requiring no upfront payment until we’re ready to ship your custom iron on patches. 

Step 3: Review Your Sample – Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship 

Upon confirming your design and order specifics, we’ll create a sample of your iron on patch for your review. Unlike other patch companies, we offer a tangible sample rather than a graphic rendering, providing a more accurate portrayal of your custom patches. 

Step 4: Receive Your Patches – Your Custom Creations, Delivered 

Once your approval is secured, we kickstart the production of your custom iron on patches. As a bonus, enjoy free US shipping for your order, ensuring your patches reach you promptly.

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Ready to infuse your wardrobe with personalized charm? Complete our free quote form and witness your design come to life! For any queries or in-depth discussions about the design process, don’t hesitate to reach out. Your custom iron on patches is just a step away from reality!


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