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Crafting Success: Your Ultimate Guide To Selling Etsy Patches
Unleash Your Creativity And Thrive On Etsy

In the world of creativity, Etsy stands out as a platform where your artistic vision can flourish. If you’re an Etsy enthusiast, explore the opportunity to design and sell unique patches to your audience. Patches Studio is here to assist, offering a variety of styles, from traditional embroidered patches to woven patches, dyed patches, and even one-of-a-kind combination patches.

Transform Ideas Into Etsy Masterpieces 

Create Etsy patches that capture your passions with our extensive range of thread and twill colors. Whether it’s animals, sports, cars, movies, or quotes, Patches Studio is your partner in bringing your ideas to life and sharing them with your fans.

Sample The Etsy Patch Excellence

Our commitment to quality is evident in every Etsy patch we create. Whether you prefer the classic, three-dimensional look of iron-on embroidered patches or the seamless design of woven patches, we’ve got you covered. Dye sublimated patches provide a near-photo-like appearance, while combination patches offer a truly unique aesthetic. For Etsy patches that make a statement, start your journey with Patches Studio.

Establish Your Etsy Empire

Etsy has become a thriving marketplace for handmade items, including custom patches. Selling patches on Etsy can be a lucrative business, allowing individuals to supplement their incomes or even turn it into a full-time venture. The beauty lies in its low financial risk and flexibility. Dive into this online marketplace, grow your side business at your pace, and see your Etsy patches make waves!

The Patches Studio Touch

Since 2000, Patches Studio has been synonymous with beautiful and durable patches crafted from top-quality materials. Elevate your Etsy patches with unique designs that stand out. Our commitment extends beyond delivering perfect patches; we offer exceptional customer service and a seamless ordering experience.

Why Trust Patches Studio?

Choose Patches Studio for Etsy patches that not only attract customers but also earn you as a loyal client. Our design consultants are ready to assist you in perfecting your Etsy patches, offering guidance on size, backing type, design adjustments, patch type, style, and twill and thread colors.

Quick and Easy Etsy Patch Ordering

Experience a fun and easy ordering process with Patches Studio: 

1- Request a Free Quote 

Submit the form with patch details, and we’ll provide a personalized, obligation-free quote. 

2- Receive Confirmation and Provide Billing Details 

Upon accepting the quote, receive written confirmation and provide billing information (orders under $1,000 are charged upon shipment). 

3- Consider and Tweak a Patch Sample 

Review a high-resolution scan of the designed patch, tweaking until perfection before batch production. 

4- Take Delivery of Your Etsy Patches 

Upon approval, we manufacture and deliver your Etsy patches directly to your chosen address within 3-6 weeks.

Turn Ideas Into Etsy Gold

For over two decades, Patches Studio has been a trusted name in crafting custom patches. Let us turn your ideas into engaging Etsy patches. Request a free quote or call us at …………………. for any inquiries. Your journey to Etsy success begins here!


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