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Timeless, Vintage and Aviator

When you need to give your product an expensive, artistic and classical touch then leather embossed and debossed patches are priority choice. You can easily select color and design to engrave with us.

Leather patches were invented by soldiers during WWII to protect and decorate their uniforms, since then, it has become the everlasting and classical fashion for a bold military and vintage aviator look.

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Our custom leather patches at Patches Studio are the perfect choice when adding a touch of timeless elegance, vintage charm, or aviator style to your products. Our leather embossed and debossed patches offer an expensive and artistic appeal that will elevate the look of any item. With a wide range of colors and designs, you can easily create a personalized patch that showcases your unique style and brand identity. Whether you’re looking to pay homage to the bold military heritage or capture the spirit of vintage aviators, our patches will help you achieve that everlasting and classical fashion statement.

Providing Embroidery Patches for Bikers, Schools, Police, Brands, And Many More....

Caps, Hats, Beanies

Shirts, Jackets, Hoodies

Military personnel

Fire fighters

Backings for Embroidered Patches

Iron-on Backing

Iron-on backing provides an easy, effective and pocket friendly way to stick your chosen patch to cloth using simple iron or press. Ideal for garments with smooth surfaces like uniforms, formal dresses and it saves your time as well.

Sew-on Backing

Sew-on backing allows you to have your patch durably sewed on the cloth via a machine or by hand as per your preference. With sew-on backing you can easily sew a patch on any sort of clothing material whether its surface is rough such as a towel or smooth such as leather.

Velcro Backing

One of the most convenient backing options composed of two parts a hook and a loop. Loop is skilfully sewn on the clothes & the hook is sewn to the patch. You can take off the hook patch and attach any other patch on its place. Most commonly used by military, police, strike ball etc.

Premium Quality Leather Patches

Leather patches are a symbol of quality for your brand. We provide many options in leather patches such as leather suede patches which can screen imprint, emboss, deboss laser-etched, or hot stamp.

Leather patches are ideal for your denim, bags, caps, and shoes. The durability and genuine look of the leather patch can highlight your brand. We can emboss or screen print your logo to achieve the look you want. Leather and suede can also be die-cut to various shapes and dyed to match a color hue.

For an additional unique appearance, we can add studs, eyelets, strings, stitching, and other special materials. Please ask your sales rep for details.

At Patches Studio, we offer a wide range of custom woven patches perfect for achieving a timeless, vintage, and aviator-inspired look.

Our premium quality leather patches are the epitome of sophistication and symbolize your brand’s quality. Whether you’re looking for leather patches that can be screen imprinted, embossed, debossed, laser-etched, or hot stamped, we can fulfill your unique requirements. From denim to bags, caps to shoes, our durable and genuine custom leather patches are designed to highlight your brand in style. You can even personalize your patches by embossing or screen printing your logo, ensuring your desired look is achieved. The possibilities are endless with the ability to die-cut the leather and suede patches into various shapes and dye them to match any color hue—Trust Patches Studio delivers custom leather patches that will elevate your products and leave a lasting impression.

Leather Patches Samples

Check out the custom leather patches portfolio that we did for for top fashion brands and companies.
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